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E-Commerce Express is a free web-based service that provides everything you need to sell online without the cost or complexity of the other storefronts or shopping carts.

You can begin selling in under 5 minutes with a hosted "Instant Storefront" or generate Snippets that are embedded into your existing content. Get started today with just a few clicks! 

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Over 6,000 businesses and organizations choose E-Commerce Express last year.
You can create an "Instant Storefront" with just a few clicks, or use the Snippet Generator to quickly add a shopping cart to your existing website, blog, MySpace, or Facebook account. Here are just a few of the ways that people are using E-Commerce Express:

Retailers, Wholesalers and More

Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and service businesses can quickly add a e-commerce to any existing website.

Schools and Churches

Many customers are using E-Commerce Express for fundraisers, memberships, donations, and more.

Bloggers and Social Networks

You can add e-commerce selling to your blog or social network site (MySpace, TypePad, WordPad) in minutes.

Seasonal and Special Events

Are you selling tickets or registrations for a seasonal or special event? If so, you're in luck!

  • What is Mercantec's E-Commerce Express?

    E-Commerce Express is free web service that makes it easy for anyone to sell online, either by creating an "Instant Storefront" (hosted by Mercantec) or by generating Snippets that are embedded into your existing website, blog, social network, auction, email, or other content.

    There are numerous checkout/payment options that can be set-up, including First Data's LinkPoint gateway, Google Checkout, PayPal Express Checkout, and TrialPay. There are also several options for generating Snippets including Shopping Cart, Order Form, and BUY NOW Button.

    E-Commerce Express is provided as an on-demand web service, so there's nothing to download or install and you can manage your store from anywhere.

  • Who uses it?

    Many of our customers are "brochureware" websites that are looking for an easy way to add online ordering capabilities to an existing site. E-Commerce Express Snippets are designed specifically for this.

    Other customers are just looking for a simple and inexpensive way to sell online, including wholesalers, manufacturers, schools, churches, bloggers, auction sellers, and many others. Over 6,000 new E-Commerce Express accounts were created during 2007.

  • What are the main benefits?

    It's simple. There are plenty of complex shopping cart systems available; E-Commerce Express isn't one of them. One of our main goals is to eliminate the complexity that's involved with most online storefronts, so E-Commerce Express is designed to be simple and effective with no learning curve.

    It's a "one stop shop." E-Commerce Express is a single solution for enabling all of the Internet's leading checkout and payment options. It's a neutral (think Switzerland) platform that unifies all of the most important checkouts, including First Data's LinkPoint, Google Checkout, PayPal Express Checkout, and TrialPay, with new options being added all the time. You decide which payment options to enable and set them up with just a few clicks without any technical or API knowledge required.

    It's search engine friendly. Existing web pages can be commerce-enabled, which means your site will be easily indexed by all search engines. In fact, it's optimized for Google and includes integration with Google Checkout, Google Product Search (formerly Froogle), and Google Analytics.

    It's secure. Your customers' personal data will be handled securely without any additional costs or services required. There's no need to purchase an SSL certificate or security scanning services.

    It's universal. A single E-Commerce Express account can be used to manage sales across a variety of online channels, including multiple websites, blogs, social networks, auctions, and email campaigns. There are many ways to sell with a single back office.

    Special offers. Mercantec customers receive special offers from our partners, including free credit card processing, e-marketing discounts and freebies, and other valuable incentives and discounts.

  • What are the key features?

    We're focused on quality and simplicity, not quantity. We don't strive to have the most features, but instead only the most important features in a way that is easy to understand and immediately useful to your business.

    With that in mind, here's a quick summary of the main features:
    - Item editor,
    - Sales tax,
    - Shipping,
    - Coupons,
    - Order Viewer,
    - Order notifications to your mobile phone,
    - Amazon Payments, Checkout By Amazon,
    - eBay alternate checkout,
    - eBay "Fixed Price" listing service,
    - Google Product Search/Google Base listing service,
    - Google Analytics E-Commerce tracking/statistics,
    - FDIS/LinkPoint (direct credit card processing),
    - Google Checkout (certified integration),
    - PayPal Express Checkout (certified integration),
    - TrialPay (certified integration),
    - Mercantec "Direct Order" form,
    - Accept all major credit cards with no merchant account required,
    - "Instant Storefont" for a simple hosted store,
    - Shopping Cart Snippets,
    - Order Form Snippet,
    - BUY NOW Button Snippets,
    - Inline Snippets provide a more consistent shopper experience,
    - Dynamic Snippets reduce maintenance and save time,
    - Compatible with any website, blog, auction, social network, or email,
    - Compatible with all website tools (FrontPage, Dreamweaver,Joomla!, etc.),
    - Compatible with all web hosting providers,
    - On Demand service is always current and frequently updated.

  • Is there a limit on the number of items that I can sell?

    No, there is no limit. However, most merchants do not use E-Commerce Express for really big stores (over 1,000 items).

  • Does it have advanced inventory control?

    No, in fact it doesn't have any inventory control currently. E-Commerce Express is designed to be a simple solution that can quickly commerce-enable any website, email, or auction. As a general rule it doesn't have overly complex features. For more specific, please visit the Features section, and you can always submit a feature request via the E-Commerce Express Dashboard.

  • Does it support coupons?

    Yes, you can create and distribute coupons to your shoppers, providing them with an incentive for future purchases. You can specify a % or $ amount for each coupon, a time range, and minimum purchase required amount.

  • How do I embed this into my website, blog, other content?

    You simply generate "Snippets" that are embedded (copy/paste) into your content. There are currently 3 different Snippet options: 1) shopping cart, 2) order forms, or 3) BUY NOW buttons. For more detailed information on these options, please create an E-Commerce Express account and select the "Store Builder" tab.

  • What if I don't have a website, blog, or social network site?

    No problem. You can generate an "Instant Storefront" with one click, where we create and host the product and checkout pages for you.

  • Is it really free?

    Yes, E-Commerce Express is a completely free service.

  • Are there any hidden or "surprise" fees?

    No, there are no hidden fees. Customers that create an E-Commerce Express account will be enabled free for life and will not be charged now or in the future for using the E-Commerce Express service. There are optional 3rd party services, such as the payment/checkout services, which have their own fees.

  • So...what's the catch? How does Mercantec make money?

    For merchants with advanced needs that go beyond E-Commerce Express, we offer consulting services and enterprise class e-commerce solutions. For entry level merchants, we offer "JumpStart" programs where we help to get your storefront set-up. These are completely optional services. We also make money through referral fees. If you'd like to support E-Commerce Express, please create an account and visit our Business Resource Center and check out some of the special offers from our valued partners.

  • Why does Mercantec do this?

    The catalyst for forming Mercantec was a small online storefront (originally launched in 1994!). Ever since, our mission has been to help merchants to reach their e-commerce goals, and the free E-Commerce Express service is one of the ways we do this. We also like receiving all of the kind words from happy E-Commerce Express customers.

  • Can I create Google Product Search (Froogle) listings?

    Yes, you can automatically create Google Product Search (formerly Froogle) and Google Base listings. Once an item is entered, you can create these listings with just a few clicks. We highly recommend this to improve your overall search results!

  • Can I create eBay listings?

    Yes, you can use E-Commerce Express to create eBay fixed price listings.

  • Can I use this to sell or checkout on eBay?

    Yes, once an item is entered, you can use E-Commerce Express to manage the checkout process using any of the payment options that you've set-up.

  • What if I didn't create the eBay listing with E-Commerce Express?

    You can use E-Commerce Express for auction (and other) checkouts and payments even if you didn't create the listing using E-Commerce Express.

  • Which credit cards can I accept?

    The big ones: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

  • Do I need my own "merchant account" from a bank?

    No, you can process credit card transactions without your own merchant account using Google Checkout and/or PayPal Express checkout. However, if you'd like to use your own merchant account, we have an integrated option based on our partnership with First Data Independent Sales, a market leader in payment processing.

  • Do I need my own "payment gateway"?

    No, you can process credit card transactions without your own payment gateway using Google Checkout and/or PayPal Express checkout. However, if you'd like to use your own gateway, we have an integrated option using the LinkPoint Secure Payment Gateway from FDIS.

  • Is the shopping cart secure?

    Yes, it's designed so that your site will never store, transmit, or process any credit card information. This insures security and reduces your responsibility as it relates to protecting cardholder data.

  • Does it help me to comply with the PCI data security standards that are required by credit card processors?

    Yes! Because you'll never store, transmit, or process cardholder data with E-Commerce Express, you can complete the PCI compliance process in under 10 minutes...without requiring a 3rd party security assessor or scanning service.

  • Do I have to purchase a security scanning service in conjunction with E-Commerce Express?

    No, there's nothing to scan on your server because E-Commerce Express cannot be configured to store, transmit, or process cardholder data. (Not even by accident.) However, you may wish to use a 3rd party scanning service to improve customer confidence.

  • Does it include a domain name or web hosting?

    If you create an "Instant Storefront," we create and host the product and checkout pages for you, and you have the option of creating a "vanity subdomain" such as http://MyStore.safestorefront.com. This is a limited service level focused strictly on creating Instant Storefronts. If you need more complete hosting, please check out our Web Hosting partners in the Business Resource Center.

  • Does Mercantec provide customer support?

    E-Commerce Express includes a Support Center that features a searchable knowledgebase and an online request form. We provide direct responses via email and attempt to reply to all requests within a few hours of receipt. JumpStart customers receive a dedicated account manager and a toll-free support hotline for priority support requests.

  • What if I need more features?

    We're continuosly enhancing E-Commerce Express, and generally have a new release every 3 to 4 weeks. If you'd like to request a feature, you can submit a request from the E-Commerce Express Dashboard. If you have more advanced requirements or a short timeframe, please visit the Consulting section of our website.

  • What if I need more help getting started?

    We offer "JumpStart" services for customers just getting started with E-Commerce Express. For more information, please create an account and request more information on a JumpStart.

  • Who is Mercantec?

    Internet Retailer magazine calls Mercantec "one of the founding fathers of e-commerce."

    Established in 1995, we are one of the original Internet companies. Our experience dates back to developing many of the earliest web storefronts and launching SoftCart, the first commercial Internet shopping cart system.

    Today, we use "on demand" technologies, consulting services, and strategic alliances to help our customers reach their e-commerce goals.

    Mercantec is a privately-held corporation based in Naperville, Illinois USA.

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