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How do I implement E-Commerce Express?
Answer :
To use E-Commerce Express you need to follow a few simple steps:

1) Sign up for an E-Commerce Express account. Accounts are free and require no sensitive information. You can do this by going to
2) Sign up for a Google Checkout seller (merchant) account. This is done by going to
3) Log into your E-Commerce Express account and enter your Google MerchantID and KEY into the Google configuration screen.
4) Add items to your E-Commerce Express account
5) Generate Add To Cart buttons (Website Integration - Shopping Cart) for the item(s) that you are selling and copy/insert the html snippets into your existing website through your existing html editing program for your website.
6) Generate a View Cart snippet and copy/insert the html snippet into your website through your existing html editing program for your website. Create a link to this page so shoppers can easily see what is in their cart.

This is all that you need to incorporate E-Commerce Express into your website. For steps 5 and 6 we really allow you to decide where you want to place these snippets. If you already have existing product pages (e.g. a brochure ware website) you would most likely insert the individual Add To Cart buttons on each existing product page. The View Cart snippet can go on any/all pages of your website

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